Olympic Games in Tokyo

After a week of ups and downs we finish the Olympic Games in 7th place. The Olympics has been a goal for us the last 5 years and we really wanted to perform better than what we did. Proud of our team, the effort we put in and how we managed to perform the last days of the event. It has been an experience for life and we're grateful to represent Norway at an Olympic Games!

We’re now back in Norway resting and enjoying time with family and friends Realising what an amazing journey we have - filled with incredible achievements, ups and downs.

Thanks to everyone that’s following us! We would not be able to do any of this without you and we’re forever grateful for all your support.

Thanks to our sponsors VOW | Scanship, Neptune Properties, Nøtterø Bakeri & Konditori and Helly Hansen! You make a major difference in our campaign and gives us the possibility to fight along with the very best. Also the strong belief you have in us gives us a lot of motivation, and we really enjoy the process and working with you

Thank you Olympiatoppen for always believing in us and supporting our project! We’re honoured to be a part of Team Norway

Thank you Tønsberg Seilforening for all the support and helping us grow as sailors, from very young to who we are now

Thanks to Norwegian Sailing Team for making a great team to be a part of. Being a part of it has been very motivating and also fun! A big part of that team has been Rigo and all his efforts to make us as best prepared as possible for Tokyo.

A massive thank you to super coach Thomas. It’s difficult to describe what you’ve brought to the team. So many good memories and fun a long the way. We can’t wait for the next years! To Chris for bringing excellent expertise and making us believe even more in ourselves. Thank you for making Yoko and us faster!

Last but not least (probably the biggest) thanks to our family and friends for always being there from the very beginning. For always believing we could do anything. Pushing us and backing us through thick and thin

Let’s see what the future brings. We’re aiming high!

- Helene & Marie

Photo: GettyImages

Photo: GettyImages

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