Since we were kids, we both have had a dreamt about competing at the Olympic Games. We both remember how cool it was to see Siren Sundby win gold in Athens in 2004. We also remember dreaming in front of the TV-screen as a kid at how big the Olympics is. The gathering of every sport and their top athletes doing their best for their countries.


The recent years our dream has changed and become a goal. Our goal now is to win a medal for Norway at the Olympic games in Tokyo 2021. At first talking about an Olympic medal was scary and unrealistic. We have put down a lot of hard work over the seven years we’ve been sailing together, and we feel well prepared for what will meet us in Tokyo next summer. 



As sailors, travelling the world, we’ve witnessed how bad plastic pollution is across the globe. Our first eye-opening experience was in Rio in 2015. The amount of plastic and general waste floating around Rio was unbelievable. Every day the sailors had to clean the launching ramp, to be able to get the boats in the water. Even though we cleaned in the morning, the ramp was full of waste again by the time we came back from sailing. In Hyeres, France, in 2018 we had to move the racecourse due to too much plastic floating around. The waste made it impossible for us to manoeuvre the boat. All of this is just what we see floating on the surface, it’s heartbreaking to think of what’s underneath.


We would like to protect our playground and make it possible for future generations to enjoy the ocean as much as we do. We try to use our role as sailors to make others aware of what they can do to minimize ocean waste. Everyone can make small changes in their life that will benefit the ocean and the plant in the long run. We try to do what we can by always bringing reusable water bottles and coffee cups, avoiding single-use plastic, buy less and be aware of what you’re buying and of course recycle and reuse. Luckily we’re part of a sailing community where everyone thinks the same way. As a sport, we try to make a difference and be a good example for others. Every time we get to a new venue, all the sailors get together and do beach cleans.


Since we started campaigning in the 49erFX, we’ve had more than 200 days of travelling a year. So it’s safe to say our lives revolve around sailing. We’re very lucky for being able to travel the world and explore different places and cultures. 

We’re both soon finishing our bachelor’s degrees, so a lot of our free time is study sessions. It can be challenging combining full time sailing with studying. it’s stressful and hectic at times, but also nice to move your focus to something else than sailing.

Our future goals beside an Olympic Medal is to put sailing on the map in Norway. We think sailing is the coolest sport and something that needs to be showcased more in the media. Sailing is a lifestyle that has taught us so much over the years and we hope we can be ambassadors and get more young kids involved in the sport we love.